Burrito Loco

Fresh, fast casual Mexican food from Prague | 10 locations — open all night

Burrito Loco

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Burrito Loco is the fast-growing local company breathing fire down the necks of its international fast-food-conglomerate rivals.

It offers fresh, fast casual Mexican fast food — tacos al pastor, quesadillas carne asada, tasty, feel-good veggie and vegan options, beer and quirky lemonades. Burritos come in three sizes: Speedy Burritos, Burritos Grandes and, only for the most ambitious, Kick Ass Burritos.

Coriander is grown on Burrito Loco fields just outside the city, ingredients are sourced locally, nothing is imported frozen. Guacamole, salads, vegetables and sauces are prepared freshly in the restaurant. 

In just over ten years Burrito Loco opened ten restaurants across Prague — the newest branches are designed by Czech design studio FormaFatal.

Best of all, Burrito Loco has considerably livened up the city’s late night food offer — back in the days most often a difficult choice between KFC or fried cheese. 

All branches are open late and the crucial ones in and around the Old Town are open all night!