Spolem Deluxe

Strangely Compelling Blend of Disco Era and Communist Kitsch | 70s and 80s Disco, Electro

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Spolem Deluxe

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70s and 80s Disco, Electro

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People say Spolem has an entrance only for a reason — it’s not hard to lose yourself here. The club has a very dedicated following with many clubbers coming back week after week. The interior is a bold blend of disco-era neon and Communist retro kitsch and, strangely, it works. 

The DJ is planted in a vintage Nysa 522 van and spins old school hits from 70s and 80s (or contemporary electro) and it’s elating to dive into the crowd and just let go.

When you need a break, move to the bar area and cool down with a cocktail or one of its excellent craft beers. Mercifully and unusually the dance floor, bar and smoking area are all separate. That means that you can hang out and chat at the bar without having to scream your heart out (and when you leave you might smell of sweat but you won’t smell of cigarettes). It’s the kind of club that hosts a dance party 5 nights a week but you can also just chill and borrow a board game(!).  Mondays and Wednesdays are karaoke nights.

The venue is easy to find, located a couple of blocks from the main square, towards the end of Floriánska street. But Make sure to come with friends — they will help you find the way out.