Mr. Vavelsky

Dance Floor, Garden Stage and Drinks Set on Fire | Diverse, Live Music

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Mr. Vavelsky

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Diverse, Live Music

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Mr. Vavelsky has the fun medieval basement dance floor and bar typical for Krakow’s old town venues. But the two things that really set it apart are: it’s lovely summer garden complete with a stage and an exhibit that is unique in the whole world: the skeleton of a real dragon.

Vavelsky was the nickname of the modest shoemaker who managed to slay the terrible beast (by feeding it a sheep stuffed with explosives). Having earned the admiration of the town’s people, Vavelsky abandoned his profession and his modesty. He capitalized on his new-found popularity by opening this pub. Finally he took up alchemy, mixing fiery potions and trying them on his guests. This is why to this day Mr. Vavelsky for its special menu of drinks served set on fire (try Fire Starters or the Explosive Sheep).

Mr. Vavelsky stand out for its great sound system and they put on lots of events ranging from concerts to karaoke, stand up, pub quizzes and, of course, fire shows. Sports events are also shown here. As real estate was cheap in the age of dragons, the venue is only steps from Krako’s main square.