Klub Alternatywy

Laid-back Student Club that Rocks 7 Nights a Week | Alternative

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Klub Alternatywy

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Alternatywy​ (Alternatives) is a new star on Krakow’s party map. It immediately became a favorite among local and international students for its laid-back, relaxed atmosphere.

Every night, a happy crowd descends on this subterranean labyrinth of rooms, to drink, laugh and dance to everything from 60s garage to 90s grunge to the hits of today. As the name suggests it’s low-key alternative rather than exclusive but if you’re looking to make friends and party with locals this is the place.

Tuesdays they host wild karaoke nights. The huge popularity of Alternatywy is fuelled to a large extent by very good prices for Okocim (a brand of beer) and very generous varying drinks special.

It’s good 7 nights a week and located on Maly Rynek, the little square, which is connected to the big square.